In which I once again try to liven up a slow year-end news day with a religion post. As I’ve said before, I’ve always thought Christianity was more lefty than righty in orientation. So does this guy, evidently, as his choice of priorities between repealing Roe and, say, organizing a congressional bailout of the world’s poor would seem to be different than our readership’s. Scoff and call him a paper tiger if you like, but The One did make inroads with young white evangelicals this year, as this NYT graphic illustrates. The question is whether they broke for Obama because he appeals to them or because leftism does — or, alternatively, because they were turned off by McCain being less ostentatious in his faith than Dubya. Pew’s poll of party ID from September 2007 suggests a trend away from the GOP beginning in 2005, which suggests a fourth possibility: It has nothing to do with Obama, McCain, or leftism, but rather with the same disaffection with Bush that the public generally has felt for the last three years. Whatever the answer, The One knows a paradigm-shifting opportunity when he sees it. If you’ve been wondering why he’s so adamant about having Rick Warren at the inauguration, wonder no longer.

Exit question: Er, why hasn’t our very devout president-elect attended a single public church service since being elected? Might he be less devout than advertised? Second look at Obama!