Via Belch, which is what I suspect it smells like. Technically it’s a body spray, so if you want your ‘pits to reek of cooked meat too, you’re good to go.

This is not a hoax. Repeat: Not a hoax.

I was curious to smell the meat musk, as were my co-workers. So I sprayed.

One reporter’s reaction summed up our disappointment: “I don’t smell steak.”

It was like smelling an olfactory-challenged uncle who doused himself with too much cologne…

Here’s how Burger King responded when I asked about the Flame smell:

“It is not a hoax. While the notes of the body spray do not specifically refer to the scent of meat, it can’t be denied there is something seductive and manly about meat being grilled over an open flame. BK was able to capture that and were excited to share with Flame.”

National Ledger calls it “real life Sex Panther,” which (a) already exists, actually, and (b) should be enough to entice any true “Anchorman” fan into ponying up and seeing whether it, in fact, stings the nostrils. My gut tells me women will find it laughable and/or repulsive, which, since I have the instincts of a beta male, pretty much guarantees that they’ll find it irresistible. A steal at only $3.99, too. Why eat a Whopper when you can smell like one for the same price?

Nothing I can say will prepare you for the website, so I won’t try. Just keep “spraying” or else you’ll miss the shot of the King by the fireside preparing a plate of whipped cream and strawberries. Click the image to watch.