An olive branch from our partner in peace, replete with 9/11 conspiracy theorizing for helpful context. Between this and his Holocaust denial, it can’t be long before he embraces birth certificate Trutherism, too. He and The One will have a lot to talk about once they finally hook up.

Speaking of which, I’m giving you a bonus clip from yesterday’s “Meet the Press” of Obama reiterating the need for “tough but direct diplomacy” and “carrots and sticks” to get Iran to give up its nukes. Minor detail: That approach has already been tried, a fact helpfully noted in today’s sneering reply from the Iranian foreign ministry. The more I watch Obama on this subject, the more I think his “strategy,” such as it is, is to hope the price of oil craters to the point where Iran simply has no choice but to beg for mercy. I wonder if, the economic hardship notwithstanding, the Saudis would be willing to boost production to knock the price down further and help bring them to their knees. Click the image to watch.

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