“Grope and change,” the boss calls it. Team Clinton’s reaction:

“Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application.”

Enter Brown, wondering why our feminist pope is suddenly handing out indulgences to sexists among her new boss’s cronies. As gratifying as it is to see Her Majesty showing some perspective and not overreacting to what was, after all, a goof, albeit in poor taste, I’m surprised by the statement. Not so much as a word of disapproval for the president’s chief speechwriter pretending to feel up the secretary of state? She must have an awesome sense of humor; the alternative explanation, that her eternal vigilance against the forces of male chauvinism was largely a politically expedient posture for the campaign, simply couldn’t be true, could it?

Do note, Brown’s own judgment on this issue isn’t always laser sharp either. Exit question: I assumed the photo had been uploaded by a friend. Did this tool really post it to Facebook himself?

Update: From the comments, to people who are shrugging it off: “Consider what conservatives would say if Huck cupped Palin’s cutout.” Another commenter thinks this would be a firing offense at a corporation.