Check that: Romney barely leads among all voters, within the margin of error. But here’s evidence, in case more was needed, of how sharply conservatives’ view of the ‘Cuda diverges from America’s. Among Republicans, it’s Palin 24.4, Mitt 18.1, Jindal 15.6; among everyone, Mitt 13.7, Palin 13.4, Jindal 12.5.

What happened to Huck, who was in the thick of things when Gallup recently asked a similar question? Palin happened to Huck:

Among Republicans, she gets the support of 30% of Born-Again Christians, 32% of weekly churchgoers, 34% of National Rifle Association members, 28% of current gun owners and 29% of self-identified conservatives. More GOP support comes from 32% of blue collar workers, 30% who shop weekly at Wal-Mart, 28% of NASCAR fans and 25% of both those with children under 17 and those with family members in the military…

Palin looks to be stealing Huckabee’s thunder among Republican religious conservatives and working class voters. Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister, and his highest GOP totals still come from Born-Again Christians (15%) and weekly churchgoers (18%), but those numbers are about half of those drawn by Palin. Despite his populist economic message, he wins only 10% of blue collar Republicans.

There’s your explanation for why he’s been taking shots at her lately, in case it wasn’t already clear. Interesting to see Jindal’s numbers so high, though, given how comparatively low his profile is and how poorly he fared in the Gallup poll. As another young rock-star “future of the party” governor, I wonder if he isn’t peeling votes away from Palin among people who’ve soured on her for whatever reason. Exit invitation: Go ahead and tell me that the only reason she polls so much lower among all voters is because Democrats fear her. You know you want to.