Less than a week to go before the Georgia Senate run-off, and the NRSC has its ad group working overtime. This time they’re hitting Jim Martin over his 1984 vote to allow convicted murderers and other violent felons to remain free on bail pending their appeals:

This goes a little too far when it references terrorist hijackers, which wouldn’t come under state law anyway, which was the context for this vote. Terrorist hijackings fall under federal jurisdiction. The NRSC wants to argue that Martin’s impulse as a Senator would be to allow this based on his 1984 vote, which seems like a major-league stretch to me … at best.

The vote did show Martin’s concerns as a legislator being more focused on the perpetrators than on protecting community from them. Combined with other elements of Martin’s record, especially in championing parole for violent criminals, it paints a picture of a clueless knee-jerk liberal who coddles violent criminals rather than corralling them.

Find out more about Martin’s record here, and if you want to preserve any hope of a Republican filibuster, contribute to Saxby Chambliss here or at the NRSC.

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