He says he’s not “loco”, but Wallacy County, Texas prosecutor Juan Guerra certainly looked crazed when he yelled at a judge for stripping him of his authority to pursue several criminal indictments. He demanded that the judge recuse himself and restore Guerra’s authority, but this tirade won’t help his cause when the Texas Supreme Court justices see it:

Caleb Howe and Tommy Christopher has followed the delusional case of Guerra since the DA indicted Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales for prisoner abuse, using the flimsiest of legal arguments. Tommy has little sympathy for Guerra and his antics:

Guerra has said that opponents of this case have tried to paint him as “loco.” I don’t know about that, but bringing up your own indictments during a corruption trial seems like poor salesmanship, at best.

If nothing else, this strange display demonstrates that Guerra may need help, and not just in a legal sense. Watch the other attorneys as they roll their eyes towards the end of this tirade.