Perhaps the definition of “lame duck” is that stage when people can stop being nice to you. The Left has gotten a big laugh out of George Bush’s treatment at the G-20. Rick Sanchez chalks it up to Bush’s “bullying” presence on the world stage:

In the video, one can see Bush talking with a few of the other G-20 leaders as he walks to his spot on the dais for the publicity photos, but not shaking hands. It doesn’t look as if Bush offers his hand, either, but also gives the impression of a snub.

If so, it’s incredibly petty on their parts. Bush represents the US, not just himself, and that reflects on their attitudes towards us as a whole. I’ll give Angela Merkel a pass on this, after Bush’s odd neck rub in 2006, but the rest of them have little excuse.

And a couple of notes to Rick Sanchez. First, I’m 45 years old and we didn’t say “cooties” in high school 30 years ago. Maybe we said it in elementary school. Also, I googled Sanchez and idiot together, and I got over 500,000 hits. What exactly does that prove?