In less than three weeks, Georgia voters will head back to the polls for a run-off election to determine whether they send Saxby Chambliss back to the Senate, or give Harry Reid another Democrat to fight filibusters.  The NRSC apparently will have a Jim Martin Fact of the Day web ad for each day until then:

They have a new micro-site, Jim Martin Facts, which the NRSC plans to use to flesh out the remaining race in the national elections. This ad focuses on a massive increase in the Georgia state sales tax, which Martin backed, and which cost Peach State voters almost $700 million dollars a year. On yesterday’s show, John Randall told me that they have much more on Martin showing him as out of step with mainstream voters in Georgia, and that they will pursue this race vigorously.

We’ll keep our eyes on it. If you’re not in Minnesota, where Norm Coleman could use some help with recount expenses, consider donating to Chambliss’ run-off efforts. It may be the last opportunity that Republicans have to provide a firewall in the Senate against the excesses of Democratic governance in the next two years.