Whatever the issues between staffers, he’s got nothing but love for the ‘Cuda. So why doesn’t he say so publicly and denounce them?

Duprey, who is now back in New Hampshire after 10 months on the road with McCain, said he had a telephone conversation on Thursday with McCain, who was at his cabin in Arizona. He said they discussed a New York Times story that was critical of Palin but did not mention New Hampshire.

“He said that the back and forth between some of the McCain and Palin staff was pointless and a waste of time,” Duprey said. “He said it was at the staff level and not the candidate level.” Duprey said they spoke about the public feud between the McCain and Palin staffs for “less than a minute” during a 10-minute conversation.

“I can tell you that John McCain loved having Sarah Palin on the ticket,” Duprey said. “It was a great personal relationship and he thought she did a magnificent job.”

Duprey said the stories come from “destructive people in both camps who want to settle scores.”

That almost makes it sound like he thinks it’s not his problem. It’s a staff issue, squabbles will happen, etc. No doubt he’ll have warm words for her when he finally does his first post-election interview, but … I think we’re all hoping he doesn’t wait until then.

Maybe he’s hoping it’ll all blow over since there hasn’t been anything new dirt-wise since the Newsweek piece. Aside from this, I mean:

[Spokesman Meg] Stapleton said some campaign staff members controlled Palin too tightly, keeping her from the press and admonishing her when she made calls to radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others.

“Instead of just letting her be who she wanted to be they still felt this need to control. …There were a few times where she actually did sneak in phone calls and was reprimanded for picking up the phone and placing a few calls on her own,” Stapleton said…

Stapleton said Palin called the staff of Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly. But the campaign got wind of it and told her O’Reilly had canceled the interview, which wasn’t true.

Fun details at the link about her having to sort through her luggage to see which clothes belong to her and which don’t. Exit question: Did I read that correctly? They reprimanded her for making chitchat with a guy whose radio audience numbers 15 million people?