The last look at the two presidential candidates before the election came, strangely, during halftime in last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Steelers and the Redskins. Chris Berman asked each candidate a few softballs in what should have been a palate cleanser for a tired nation. John McCain gave a sparkling, upbeat performance, while Obama stumbled through most of it:

This was a revelation for me. I finally found a policy on which I agree with Obama. College football should have a playoff system — and in fact, the lower divisions already do. Obama could barely get through the explanation, though, and I wonder whether he had already found out about his grandmother’s death when he did the interview. I’m assuming yes; Obama usually does much better with light conversation than this.

But McCain did much better. He seemed relaxed and confident, and knew enough of the tone of the event to tease Berman by stealing his line. “He could — go — all — the — way … to the White House!” If anyone had to pick from this appearance which candidate expected to win, it would be McCain.