The O’Reilly/Frank meltdown aside, I can’t remember the last time I saw a TV anchor get in a politician’s face this aggressively. NC never quite calls him a moron or liar but he does come right to the brink, thanks to Jersey Bob’s McCaskill-esque tour de force of playing dumb as a simple question is put to him over and over and over again. For the record, and needless to say, Cavuto’s right about The One wanting to bump the top bracket back up to 39.6 percent.

Word on the street is that Menendez’s cryptic comment near the end about the anchors who’ll be leaving Fox is a reference to the Fairness Doctrine. I scanned the first half of the show to try to find what he’s referring to but didn’t hear any mention of Fairness (which, at least in its prior incarnation, wouldn’t apply to cable anyway). It’s probably just a nod to the fact that Brit Hume’s stepping down after the election, as if to say he wouldn’t mind seeing Cavuto follow suit.

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