Allahpundit covered the national polling from Fox and Rasmussen in his earlier post, and now a somewhat contradictory set of numbers have come out of the battleground states.  The state polls show some hope for McCain yet in the states he needs to win tomorrow.  Fox has yet to write its story, so let’s just peruse the toplines ourselves from the data.

  • Colorado – Obama leads 51/47, after last week’s 50/46.  Within the MOE, but not much movement.
  • Florida – McCain lead 50/49, after trailing 51/47 last week.  Definitely moving towards McCain.
  • Missouri – Dead heat at 49 all, after Obama led 48/47 last week.  Movement to McCain.
  • North Carolina – McCain 50/49, after being up 49/48 last week.
  • Ohio – Tied at 49, after Obama led 49/45 last week.  Movement to McCain.
  • Virginia – Obama leads 51/47, same as last week.

Interestingly, Fox didn’t poll in Pennsylvania, or the results are not yet ready.  In any case, those states with movement show it going to McCain, and he’s no longer trailing anywhere except Colorado and Virginia.  Undecideds are going to McCain, and the battlegrounds appear to be firming up red.  Of course, these are all states Bush carried in 2004, and to balance possible losses in Colorado and Virginia — still too close to call — McCain will need Pennsylvania.