Lengthy, but worth it. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets off more than a few good lines while rallying voters in Columbus, Ohio yesterday as part of John McCain’s effort to close the deal in the Rust Belt. While Barack Obama was busying himself with the interior decoration of the Oval Office, Schwarzenegger challenged him to add some muscle to his policies:

  • On his wife’s plans for trick-or-treaters: “Sounds like the usual liberal giveaway.”
  • On Obama and weightlifting: “If we could only do something about putting meat on his ideas.”
  • On experience: “McCain served his country longer in a POW camp than Obama has served in the United States Senate.”
  • On heroism: “I just play an action hero in the movies.  But John McCain is a real action hero.”

The quips don’t do this speech justice, though.  About five minutes into this clip, he talks about how fortunate he was to come to America.  He saw the effects of European quasi-socialist policies and knew even then that he couldn’t possibly have achieved the success he garnered in the US had he stayed on the Continent.  Just when Europe has begun learning that lesson, Arnold says, Obama wants copy those same failed policies in America.

If you haven’t seen the Governator in person on the stump, it’s easy to dismiss his ability to create enthusiasm.  He knows how to rally crowds, and despite his accent, he’s a very effective communicator.