Earlier today, I had the pleasure of meeting actor and pro-life activist Patricia Heaton. Heaton starred in “Everybody Loves Raymond”, one of the most popular sitcoms in TV history, and most recently co-starred with fellow conservative Kelsey Grammer in “Back to You”. She came to Minnesota to help build morale with McCain volunteers, and Heaton spend over twenty minutes speaking with me on matters of faith, values, and politics:

Heaton had some interesting analysis of Obama’s oratory skills. Her experience as an actor gives her a “clinical” perspective on public speeches, and she’s impressed with Obama’s ability to manipulate an audience. His message, however, leaves her “cold”. She sees it as a calculation, and wonders when people will start producing some evidence of his supposed post-partisanship.

We spoke at length about the issue of faith and abortion. We share a frustration with fellow Catholics who support Obama, despite his standing as the most radically pro-abortion presidential candidate in history. Heaton belongs to Feminists for Life, and we discussed the basic principle of the right to life, and how the sanctity of life informs all of the social-justice positions of the Catholic Church and how the right to life cannot be separated from them.

I enjoyed speaking with Heaton immensely, and I know you will find her as gracious and thoughtful as I did.