Red meat on a slow news morn from that GMA interview the media was fondling yesterday. Maverick made this same point vis-a-vis Powell, but when it comes to Palin critics the base would most like to see the ‘Cuda confront, there can be only one. Too bad she’s busy soaking in Strange New Respect.

The part about 2012 comes with 45 seconds left. Having now watched it, I think my initial read was right: She’s not talking about her future ambitions, she’s just saying she won’t let the bastards get her down by turning her into some wilting flower who flees from public life. Whether that means running for president or something short of that, who knows. Palin advisor Tucker Eskew got white hot on the plane last night over how ABC spun the quote originally: proceeded to write a terrifically misleading headline that confused–it’s a much better word that conflated–her answers to those two separate questions. Some of you have written about that. Some of you have written in grave error about that. Some of you I will grant may not know the extent of ABC News’ mistake. That mistake was then compounded. I think it was compounded by some of the other coverage and if you will bear with me I’ll get to that in a minute. But unfortunately ABC News ran an ‘update’—they called it—to this initial story, which didn’t correct the error. They ran another update that actually compounded their already compounded error. And I am told tonight, they are finally running a fourth version of this story with the line ‘corrected version’ to your news organizations.

Total number of deliberately distorted, highly damaging Palin headlines by ABC thus far during the campaign: Two and counting. Click the image to watch.

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