This is a web ad that complements the TV ad Team McCain released yesterday. The 90-second ad has several people telling the camera how much they identify with Joe Wurzelbacher — and how much they resent redistributionist policies:

From the press release:

Today, McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest web ad, entitled “I am Joe.” The ad features Americans who submitted their homemade videos to the campaign telling their stories and how they are like “Joe the Plumber.” Like Joe in Ohio, people from across the country do not want to see their taxes increase as Barack Obama proposes. They don’t want a president who will “spread the wealth around” instead of creating new wealth and new opportunity. They don’t want a president who sees economic success, expansion and job creation as an excuse to increase taxes. They don’t want a president who will place a tax on the American dream.

Joe the Plumber has become the new Spartacus. (The press certainly provided a crucifixion, once his impact became apparent.) And it seems to be working, at least according to the AP and McClatchy. Spartacus II has begun driving voters back to McCain in Florida:

Make way Barack Obama and Sarah Palin — it looks like there’s another polling phenomenon in Florida: The Joe the Plumber Effect.

As he pounds Obama for telling America’s most famous handyman that he wants to ”spread the wealth around,” John McCain is improving his standing in Florida, with a Wednesday poll showing the Republican presidential candidate with a 1 percentage-point lead. …

Not only does the economic crisis — a benefit to Obama — no longer lead the news casts, McCain has finally seized on a pocketbook issue by using the plumber to talk taxes, welfare and socialism, said Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker.

It may not have happened by design, but McCain may have found an October Surprise in Joe Wurzelbacher. If so, McCain obviously intends to ride it all the way to November 4th.