Remember them? The Vote From Home kids? Chasin’ the dream of Hope and Change by declaring a house in Columbus, Ohio their “residence” a month or two before the election so that they could vote for The One? The local prosecutor finally canceled their registrations today and politely reminded them that there’s more to residency than a simple say-so. Unless you’re donating online to Barack Obama, of course.

Palestra, which has owned this story, provides the coup de grace — public admission of malfeasance by the group’s spokesman. Do recall as you read the following that a bunch of these kids are Rhodes and Marshall scholars and that the Ohio secretary of state’s page on voting specifically provides, “Your voting residence is the place in which your habitation is fixed and to which, whenever you are absent, you intend to return. Your voting residence should be one you consider to be permanent, not temporary.”

Let there be no doubt, we firmly believed we satisfied all requirements written on the Franklin County Board of Elections Voter Registration Form.

Nevertheless, we did not understand the state’s technical definition of “resident,” and registered not knowing that. Our intention was to register in the community we had become so involved in, but because of our misunderstanding we will not be able to vote in Ohio and may not be able to vote in this election at all. We highly value the importance of a free and fair election, and hope that others will take the necessary steps to ensure they fully meet Ohio’s residency requirements before registering to vote. Speaking directly to the people of Ohio, our mistake was an honest one, but it was a mistake nonetheless. Without reservation, we apologize to the community, which has been so welcoming to us, for the problems this misunderstanding has caused. Thank you.

Total felony charges to be filed: Zero, of course.