The star witness: Freddie Johnson, whom Michelle wrote about on Friday. The Cleveland Plain Dealer picks up the story:

Cuyahoga board of elections members learned recently that many ACORN canvassers had quotas and often had to scramble to meet them. Board employees had flagged a number of registration cards handed in by ACORN that showed the same names, but with different addresses or birth dates.

After testifying, both men were led to a private office and were interviewed by Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies. The board decided during its meeting that it would turn over the ACORN investigation to the sheriff and county prosecutor’s office.

A sheriff’s deputy said neither Johnson nor Barkley have been charged with a crime, but could be used as witnesses later.

Coincidentally, Ace hears through the grapevine that ACORN could be looking at RICO charges in Ohio as early as tomorrow. A campaign coup for McCain to coincide with The One fine-tuning the language about ACORN on his anti-smears site?

Perhaps. But, says the boss, not as much as it might have been.