Are people seriously upset about this, or is this like that Mr. T ad where everyone laughs except two people and that’s enough for Controversy? How much more conceptual distance can there be between this and reality? (1) It’s a cartoon; (2) it’s a metaphor; (3) it’s a satire of other famous movie rape scenes as much as anything else; (4) it’s Indiana Jones.

Here’s the background on the episode. George Carlin used to have a line in his act about how he could make anything funny, even rape. His proof: “Imagine Elmer Fudd raping Porky Pig.” Close enough.

Update (Ed): I’m a big fan of South Park, but even the best satirists have their off days, and I think this was one of them.  It’s nowhere near as bad as their “A Million Little Fibers” episode, also known as the Oprah episode, but this was beyond the taste threshold.  The subplot, where Butters and Cartman pretend to be Chinese, was somewhat funnier.

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