From David Frum’s lips to the ad team’s ears. Maybe I’m just Ayers-ed out, but between this and McCain insisting that the real problem isn’t Obama associating with a piece-of-shinola terrorist so much as lying about it, I’m not sure what the crux of the complaint is anymore. Is it that The One is a dangerous socialist radical masquerading as a run-of-the-mill Chicago machine politician? Or is it that he is a run-of-the-mill Chicago machine politician with all the graft and cretinous hangers-on pertaining thereto? Or is it just that he’s a liar?

Speaking of which, the latest from Obama on Ayers: “I assumed that he had been rehabilitated.” Really? Even after the NYT interview published on 9/11 in which he said he was sorry he hadn’t done more as a Weatherman? That’s highly nuanced indeed, given that they were still in touch three years later.

Exit question: Are you really a “Fmr. Terrorist” if you’ve never repented?

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