Vets for Freedom will release its grades tomorrow for the US Senate, and some members will find themselves flunking.  One source within VFF has given me a peek at the ratings for Senators from Delaware and Nevada, and I got the screen grabs for Hot Air readers:

No Hot Air reader will find this surprising.  Whatever metric VFF used to score the Senate, Reid would almost certainly fail.  The Senate Majority Leader declared defeat from the chamber’s floor.  That’s a failing event in and of itself.

Let’s take a look at Delaware.  Supposedly, Joe Biden gives Barack Obama some cover on foreign policy and military affairs.  Does the VFF agree?  Er … no:

Interesting.  Biden (and Carper, for that matter) both get the same grade as the defeatist Harry Reid.  I’d suspect from this that Barack Obama might round out a solid Democratic F for its leadership — but I don’t know that for certain.  We’ll find out tomorrow when Vets for Freedom release its full report, including the criteria it used to judge the performance of Congress.

Update: Meanwhile, Blackfive and TSO discover that another vet’s group, the IAVA, seem to be using very strange criteria for grading Congress.  The supposedly non-partisan group’s founder is working for Team Obama.  That explains why Maxine Waters gets an A, while John McCain gets a D.