And deals with NBC and Fox(!) are in the works. I’m surprised they didn’t simply give him the time and call it “news.” What’s a liberal media good for if not for the occasional freebie?

Today the Dish Network, tomorrow the world:

NBC is said to be very near a deal. With Fox, the matter is likely to remain uncertain as the time period could conflict with Game 6 of the World Series…

The direct purchase of such a large block of national airtime right before an election used to be more commonplace before campaigns began to focus their end game strategies exclusively on battleground states. Such a move is not without precedent in modern presidential politics, however — Ross Perot did a similar purchase in 1992.

The One has a lawyerly fondness for “closing argument” ads so expect something in that vein, likely bookended by schmaltzy long-form campaign spots. He must be raking it in if he can afford a buy like this, so if you want to equalize, you know what to do. Exit question: What, no ABC?