Cartoonish alarmism and an embarrassingly heavy-handed visual style? It must be these idiots again. And so it is. I thought their next exploration of the Great McCain Peril would focus on his age, but they’re back for another round on his temperament to coincide with The One and his cronies increasingly slipping language about how “erratic” Maverick is into their stump speeches. For all the sanctimony and exquisitely affected outrage about how negative McCain’s campaign has become, rest assured that this is what most of the ads would look like now if Obama was trailing by 8-10 points. That’s no knock on him; politics ain’t beanbag. Unless you’re trying to take down the Lamb, in which case “maybe you should have said something to that terrorist you worked with” suddenly becomes a new low in political rhetoric.

Clearly, though, the economy’s very, very important here. Say, wasn’t Dennis DeConcini one of … the Keating Five?

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