Via Breitbart, here she is with Ryan Seacrest this morning stressing of course that Joe Biden, ahem, rocked hardest of all. Even so, you’ll find her point about the five-week learning curve gratifying. Survey USA polled Ohio voters and found them split: Biden won but only by a single point, within the margin of error, and Palin rated fully 20 points higher on likeability. (Biden was deemed more qualified by 15 percent.) 47 percent say their opinion of her went up, 18 percent that it went down. Not a game-changer, in other words, but a solid foundation for 2012.

The party split, incidentally? 37/31 Democrat, a fair sample. I’d love to tell you how that compares to the sample CNN took in its poll finding Greasy Joe a knockout winner, but … the data wasn’t released. Maybe that’s what Jeff Toobin was supposed to be doing instead of watching baseball. Exit question: Has it come to this for Her Majesty? Interviews with … Ryan Seacrest?