Three good ones but the last is the killer so watch that if you’re strapped for time. In the interest of strict factual accuracy, I’m obliged to note that The One would not, of course, play the race card on Kim Jong-Il. He’d have a surrogate do it for him. As for Palin, if you think Fey’s grossly exaggerating the incoherence of her answer about the bailout, compare this clip to the transcript from the CBS interview. It’s nearly verbatim, with one or two extra absurd details tossed in for spice. Lowry’s right: If she comes off like this during the debate and late-night comics end up in a feeding frenzy, she’s going to carry that image with her not just for the rest of this campaign but into 2012.

Kind of sad that they have to rely on alumni (mostly) to play these roles.