Dean’s just one half of the equation. The other half is Brave New PAC, which the AP notes is “connected” to director Robert Greenwald. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve mentioned him a bunch of times before as an idiot known for turning out heavy-handed McCain scare ads. See, e.g., the “Bomb Iran” goof from February, which was at least an attempt at humor if a feeble one, and more recently this unfortunate quick hit with former POW Phillip Butler accusing Maverick of being too unstable to be president. Viewed in the context of the cancer ad, it’s clear Greenwald’s systematically working his way through the catalog of McCain smears: Bellicose to the point of insanity, riddled with disease, etc etc etc. An ad accusing him of being senile can’t be long in coming.

Three guesses which cable news network this is airing on. Incidentally, McCain did make his medical records available to reporters for a few hours earlier this year. The One has yet to reciprocate.