The truly frightening thing? He’s actually to the right of a member of the Democratic ticket on this subject.

Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon…

“If you’re a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration,” Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.

“I believe for a carbon company to spend money convincing the stock-buying public that the risk from the global climate crisis is not that great represents a form of stock fraud because they are misrepresenting a material fact,” he said. “I hope these state attorney generals around the country will take some action on that.”

No word yet on whether he’s drawing the line at coal — and why would he? — or whether his “direct action” plan applies to industries across the board upon whose emission levels the Goracle frowns. Exit question: How much jail time will this sort of civil disobedience net you? Exit answer: In the UK, zero.

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