Barack Obama’s campaign seems determined to cultivate a hostile relationship with potential critics, real and imagined.  After complaining loudly that talk radio doesn’t provide a balanced look at politics, KCOL’s Brad Jones attempted to get an Obama spokesperson on air to match the RNC surrogate he interviewed yesterday.  For his trouble, the Obama campaign hung up on him — twice:

Host Brad Jones speaks with Bill Riggs, spokesman for the RNC, about Governor Palin’s visit to Colorado and he states her talks today will discuss “her record of reform and shaking things up in Alaska” and “she’s going to be citing actual results.”  However, after trying to reach the Obama Colorado Press line all morning long and not having any of his calls returned, at the end of the final hour of the morning show, Brad calls them on air.

First they put Brad on hold.  And then they Hung up on him.  Jennifer from the Obama Camp quickly called KCOL back and was unwilling to discuss Obama’s message to Colorado on the air.  She stated  “unfortunately we weren’t able to locate any of our surrogates today with Senator Obama being here in Grand Junction and in Pueblo” and she apologized that she wasn’t able to provide someone to speak on the air this morning.  When Brad asked her if the Obama Camp planned to let KCOL know that they didn’t have an available spokesman today, you guessed it, she hung up on him.  Again.

Democrats have pushed for a restoration of the Fairness Doctrine, purportedly to provide more political balance in talk radio.  When given an opportunity for balance, though, it appears that they’re less interested in engaging talk radio and more interested in shunning it.  All Jones wanted was someone from the campaign to spout talking points, which isn’t exactly brain surgery for any campaign.

Team Obama has now used its thugs to shut down radio shows and refused to engage when given an opportunity.  From these data points, what could we expect from an Obama administration?  Responsible accountability … or an attack on free speech and journalism?