Via Ace, ignore the bad superhero-cartoon soundtrack and focus on The One listing his time at the Annenberg Challenge as a reason to send him to Congress in 2000 (he lost in the primary). Tom Maguire, the rightosphere’s resident Annenberg sleuth, provides a quickie fact check: Contra the video’s assertion, no one’s proved (yet) that Ayers had a hand in hiring Obama but it’s probably a safe bet given his role in founding the institution. Who cares? Why, the media does — or rather, it would if it were Sarah Palin misrepresenting the extent of her relationship with an unrepentant terrorist. Bear that in mind as you segue from the first video to the second, from the ABC debate in April, in which St. Barry conspicuously “forgets” the Annenberg pedigree he touted eight years before when questioned directly about Ayers by Stephanopoulos. Lefty blogger Jeralyn Merritt flagged that at the time as a curious omission. Little did she know.

As always, the shots from Hillary are as smooth and tasty as an ice cream sundae.

Update: Good news. Palin doesn’t have to misrepresent her connections to terrorists; she’s a terrorist by demographic.

Link: Ayres