If Chevy Chase thinks so, who among us would disagree?

Not that surprising, really.

Start with the fact that most people don’t follow media watchdog websites and thus aren’t aware of any bias they don’t see with their own two eyes. Remember that we’re now fully two weeks removed from the nastiest part of the coverage, Bristolgate and the Trig Trutherism, the latter of which didn’t penetrate deeply into the media’s finished product. Factor in the raves she got from talking heads for her convention speech, when the audience was literally 40 times the size of what any given cable news show that might be badmouthing her is pulling at any hour of the day. And then consider that the public’s probably willing to give the press more leeway than usual in covering her since they want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly ASAP before having to pull the lever in seven weeks. Frankly, I’m impressed that the number of independents saying it’s been too negative is as high as it is.

The X factor is the Gibson interview, of course — which Gallup very stupidly didn’t account for, conducting this survey on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week before it aired. Time for a re-poll? Be careful what you wish for. Exit question: Who on earth are those 11 percenters among the GOP who think the coverage has been too positive? Disgruntled Mittheads, maybe?