No proof that McCain’s people knew, but given his penchant for pretending his deflation in the polls last summer stemmed from his support for the surge and not from a certain other minor issue he was involved in at the time, it’s no big stretch to assume. I’ve been thinking about this story in The Hill for the past five days and wondering (a) how likely is it that Palin’s views on immigration will differ significantly from McCain’s after a few weeks of debriefing by Team Maverick, and (b) if she does toe the line on amnesty and sanctuary cities, what effect will that have on her standing with the base? In fact, if the Anchorage Daily News is right that her chief political talent isn’t crafting policy but rallying voters behind certain issues, it’s not hard to imagine McCain tapping her to lead the charge on the next comprehensive piece of shinola to come down the chute on the assumption that conservatives will be too deeply in love to say no this time. Exit question: Can this marriage be saved?