Something to start the day off right, like a video version of a hearty breakfast. Jonah Goldberg’s correct that the talking point about leading the Alaska National Guard sounds lame, and to the extent Newt means Palin showed guts in taking on an incumbent governor, Barry O surely showed some too in challenging the Clinton machine that ruled the party as of last year. Righteous stuff otherwise, though. I only wish he’d thought to call out The One’s charming habit of demeaning Palin by referring to her as the mayor of Wasilla instead of the governor of Alaska. Perhaps she’ll return the compliment tonight by addressing him as the state senator from Chicago.

Color me shocked, too, that our modern-day Murrow didn’t seize the opportunity provided by the satellite hook-up to take Gingrich on. Exit question: Palin’s speech is only 13 and a half hours away. What time should we start drinking?