Juan Williams sniffed at Barack Obama’s pretense of post-partisanship last night on Fox News. Williams called it “wishful thinking” and based on nothing but talk. Williams did note that one presidential candidate does have a record of taking risks to find bipartisan solutions — but it’s not the one who voted with his party’s leadership 97% of the time:

In fact, does anyone know where this notion of Barack Obama as a great post-partisan healer arose?  In his brief stroll across the political stage, Obama has never taken a risk by standing up to the vested interests of his party or the Chicago political machine.  He has done nothing to press the unions, lawyers, abortion lobby, or any of the other struts in the Democratic Party for moderation or reform.

The only moderation Obama has ever demonstrated is with his rhetoric.

People are indeed unhappy with the poisonous partisanship that has infected Washington DC in the post-Watergate era.  However, if they want someone who has tried, for better or worse, to lessen it, then their rational choice would be John McCain, and not someone who has never had the nerve to stand up to his own party’s leadership.