From the new conservative group “Our Country Deserves Better.” You know, I hadn’t thought about it, but I guess it would be pretty irresponsible to elect a candidate who pays lip service to border enforcement and pushes bilingualism at the expense of assimilation.

Good thing there’s an alternative, huh?

You’ll be happy to know that your party’s platform this year will not include any statement of opposition to “comprehensive immigration reform.” But then, how could it? Anything else would be racist.

Update: A spokesman for OCDB e-mails:

Hi there HotAir readers and others.

You know, part of the reason we chose to produce an ad on this topic is because we know it is unlikely Senator McCain will chose to do so given his efforts on “comprehensive immigration reform.”

We felt it important that those who believe in secure borders and assimilation and a Melting Pot (instead of an open border/pro-amnesty mindset) should speak up for our beliefs.

And so that is what we chose to do.