Here we find the two-step ad strategy I speculated on Monday rolled into one tidy 30-second package: First demystify The One by making him ridiculous, then recast him as the true-blue lefty that he is. I’ve had enough of the “celebrity” digs, but as TNR reminds us this morning, people who follow the news closely are hardly a reliable proxy for public opinion. In fact, if you want to know why the “celebrity” meme might resonate, feast your eyes:

Hilton-esque indeed. Speaking of which, until just a few minutes ago Drudge had a headline up noting that Paris’s “ad” mocked McCain, which implied that Maverick was the one who suffered the most damage from it. Really? Compare the reactions of the McCain camp and the Obama camp to her spot last night. Anything that keeps this meme circulating is good news for the non-celebrity in the race, no matter who the ostensible butt of the joke might be.

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