He’s said this before, I think, but expect extra media glare this time per Obama’s trip and his own comparative graciousness (real or feigned) towards Maverick last night on Nightline: “John McCain doesn’t want to see us take a wrong strategy when it comes to fighting the war on terror.” Did St. Barry doubt the wisdom of the surge on the merits, did he take the position he did because it was politically expedient, or is he just a dime-store lefty defeatist who assumes failure at every turn? The answer, per Jonah Goldberg and Tom Maguire: It probably won’t matter to McCain’s electoral chances, no matter how much it should.

Update: A bon mot from this afternoon re: McCain’s comment. Remember when the left wet its pants over Tony Snow using the phrase “tar baby” perfectly innocently (as Kerry’s doing here)? Start counting the minutes before they go after Lurch for this.

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