Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, got a bit chippy on Fox News yesterday while discussing John McCain with Bret Baier. He called the oft-used intro as potential vice presidential candidate “tiresome”, but otherwise sounded quite upbeat about John McCain’s prospects. Even in Minnesota, where polling looks bleak at the moment, he thinks that McCain will make an 11th-hour run at Barack Obama and take the contest in the final days:

Pawlenty lays out Obama’s flip-flops well in a short but devastating review. Noting that Obama has based his campaign on rhetoric rather than record, Pawlenty then offers a number of reversals by Obama to show that he’s mostly all about words instead of action. “Pretty soon you see a pattern,” Pawlenty notes, and for a candidate who says that words matter, that pattern clearly demonstrates that they don’t — at least not to Obama.

Pawlenty does well in this appearance; he stays on offense, and he presses home the sheer volume of abandoned positions already in this contest from Obama. Romney may be the leading candidate for VP — a choice I’d love to see — but Pawlenty will make an excellent campaign surrogate even if he doesn’t get the nod himself.