See-Dub is outrageously outraged, and needless to say it wouldn’t be the first time some sort of paramilitary unit has exploited the porous border, but I can’t find any evidence that the suspects (a) were Mexican soldiers, (b) were ever on the Mexican side of the border, or (c) are even Mexican citizens. The PDFs of the police documents here claim that one of the suspects admitted he was in the Mexican military but Phoenix cops later denied it. Fox News’s story on the murder says they’re Mexican citizens, but the Arizona Republic report on which it’s based doesn’t include that detail. So what we may have here are “merely” three Americans with helmets and AR-15s carrying out paid assassinations for drug cartels. Whew!

And to think, I was all set it to tie it to Captain Amnesty’s surprisingly small lead in his home state. Anyway, if you’re still jonesing for righteous border-related indignation, just read this. All will be well.