Last week, MoveOn debuted its first general-election campaign ad, “Not Alex”, in which a young mother told John McCain that he couldn’t have her baby for his 100-year war.  Unfortunately, no one apparently taught math to Alex’s mom, since Alex would be all of nine years old when McCain would leave office.  The military doesn’t draft nine-year-olds; in fact, they don’t draft anyone, and haven’t since the Vietnam War.  Alex would have to choose to enter the military on his own, and do so in the Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal administration.

Today, Eric Egland’s family offers a straightforward rebuttal to MoveOn.  His wife Ania appears with their two children to thank John McCain for his leadership against terrorism, and speaks about the pride she takes in this country, and in her husband’s service in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Ania grew up in Poland under Communist rule and understands the stakes involved in fighting tyranny and oppression. The snarky messaging of the MoveOn ad, along with its risible reasoning and obvious lack of forethought, pales in comparison to the honesty and warmth of Ania Egland.

By the way, since Obama has rejected public financing over the supposedly dominant Republican efforts to use outside agencies to run attack campaigns, when will we see Obama demanding an end to the “Not Alex” ad?