This weekend, Bill Clinton declined to answer media questions about his support for Barack Obama.  According to the AP, Clinton has finally decided to speak well about his wife’s rival for the nomination — three weeks after Obama all but won the contest.  Team Obama seems rather excited to have Bill on board:

It’s not clear what Obama might ask him to do. The campaign wasn’t specific when asked. But an Obama spokesman said the former president will “play a big role” in uniting the party.

So far, that “big role” hasn’t included any contact between Barack and Bill.  According to aides, neither has rushed to contact the other.  Perhaps Obama figures that Bill needs to “get over it” before they see each other again.

Seriously, would Bill help or hurt Obama at this point?  Hillary may do more good than Bill; the majority of the negative campaigning came from Bill, and the abrasiveness he showed on the stump for Hillary won’t soon be forgotten.  Even beyond that, Bill demonstrated a real lack of talent on the stump in this cycle, haranguing dissenters and blowing up at reporters.  And that was when he supported his wife.  How much worse can he get with even less motivation?

The 1992 version of the Bill and Hillary show dazzled, and the 1996 version was perhaps even more impressive.  The 2008 version has already destroyed one campaign that looked inevitable.  Does Obama want a sequel to this version on his side?

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