I’m tempted to say “passes away,” but watch the very end of the third clip below to see why that would be disrespectful. I always enjoyed his bits even though I didn’t agree with him politically and, as I’ve said before, found his “disappointed idealist” shtick to be wearisome and even irresponsible. True to form, he told HuffPo a few months ago that he was intrigued by Obamania — partly because the sheeplike American public that made him a star would never embrace true Change unless it was dragged along, dimwittedly, by some liberal’s cult of personality. He was also true to form when asked by another interviewer about Obama. Quote:

A: …I will admit that there is an adventure and a romance in this Obama story that plucks at a little bit of a string somewhere deep inside me, but I would never get on board to where I could
actually invest in it emotionally because I know what they’re going to do to him. I know what’s gonna happen to him.

Q: What?

A: He’s gonna get assassinated. You know that’s going to happen in this country. You think they’re going to allow that s–t?

That was published in late February, while St. Barack was in the process of blowing out Hillary in caucus after caucus. Too bad we won’t get to see Carlin’s reaction in November when, in all likelihood, America does indeed “allow that s–t.”

Three clips for you here showcasing the two pillars of his act: Wry social criticism in the first, bitter political nihilism in the second, and a smooth blending of the two in the third. I passed on the Seven Dirty Words routine since it’s so ubiquitous (so much so that it threatens to swallow up his oeuvre like “Who’s on first?” did to Abbott & Costello), but this is Carlin, after all, so please observe your official content warning.

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