Like the man says, he insists on the suppression of ego; he just didn’t realize it might come off as egotistical to debut his very own presidential seal until his friends and allies in the media politely informed him of it. And so under the bus it goes, assuming there’s any room left under there with Wright, Pfleger, Rezko and who knows who else crowded in.

I’ve had my fun with the Obama campaign’s seal, and now that fun ends. I’m told that Obama recognizes that it was a silly mistake, that the universal reaction at Wacker and Michigan was, “Boy, was that dumb,” and that they don’t think the seal staging will matter to actual voters.

Does the press think Obama is arrogant? Yes. Does the seal represent arrogance? Only tangentially, actually. The worry for Obama’s image managers is that it gives the press a pretext to call Obama arrogant, an example for them to add to a list of arrogant moments, and a way to distract them from what Obama is saying.

By “pretext” I assume he means “credible reason.” Ken Wheaton from AdAge is also hearing that the seal’s been dropped, which I guess means this kerfuffle is officially over. Or is it?

Update: Whom does Bob Beckel blame? Chuck Todd and the rest of the press corps who pleaded with St. Barack to straighten up and retire this abortion? Of course not.

“The right wing bloggers don’t like it but so what? If this is the best they can do against him then he’s a more of a shoo-in than I think he is already,” Beckel said.