No, actually, their point is that McCain does love America even though he once said something to Hannity to suggest maybe he hasn’t always, and that in turn is supposed to be the killer tu quoque exposing the GOP’s hypocrisy in criticizing Michelle Obama. I have nothing much to add to the obvious counterpoint made by Abe Greenwald and Ace, but some troll has been entertaining me for the past hour or two with e-mails daring us to publicly address this explosive revelation. So here’s your post, troll.

You can approach this in one of two ways, first by very closely parsing the difference in the actual words used — McCain “really didn’t” love America before Hanoi versus Michelle O having “never” been proud until recently — but that’s silly since both were speaking off the cuff, imprecisely. The more trenchant comparison is between the catalyzing events. McCain took America for granted until he spent five years in a tiger cage thousands of miles away, and Mrs. Obama took it for granted until her hubby became a global political superstar. That’s actually a more favorable talking point for the GOP than the original line of attack on her. Anything else we can do to increase her pride? Make him Pope, maybe? A stupid subject overall, and as you’ll see here with DNC waterboy Dan Abrams, getting stupider by the day.