Querying him on things his pastor of 20 years has said is, by his own admission, legitimate. Querying him on things his wife of 20 years has said while on the campaign trail is somehow out of bounds. Ah well. Consider this Exhibit A in why I think it’s a net loss for the GOP to go too hard after Mrs. O: It sets Obama up perfectly to play the good husband.

I mean here’s somebody who’s done everything right. She grew up in modest means. She grew up in a nuclear family. Her parents looked after her. She went to college on a scholarship. She’s worked hard for everything that she has.

She is the best mother I know. She has made repeated sacrifices on behalf of her family and has said that her children and her husband are her number one priority…

I think families are off limits. I would never consider making Cindy McCain a campaign issue, and if I saw people doing that – I would speak out against it. And the fact that I haven’t seen that from John McCain I think is a deep disappointment.

Follow the link for Team McCain’s response noting that Obama didn’t have much to say when Howard Dean demanded to see Cindy McCain’s tax return. McCain has, of course, spoken out against attack ads featuring Wright, although whether that was done (a) in earnest, (b) as a token gesture to keep his own hands clean while a proxy attacked on his behalf, or (c) as a cynical maneuver to drum up even more publicity for the ad is known only to Maverick. Exit question: Is McCain more or less culpable on this point than Obama is vis-a-vis the Democrats’ coded language about McCain’s age?

Update: The Times finally gets it right:

A blogger who supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton circulates unfounded claims that Mrs. Obama gave an accusatory speech in her church about the sins of “whitey.” Mrs. Obama shakes her head.

“You are amazed sometimes at how deep the lies can be,” she says in an interview. Referring to a character in a 1970s sitcom, she adds: “I mean, ‘whitey?’ That’s something that George Jefferson would say. Anyone who says that doesn’t know me. They don’t know the life I’ve lived. They don’t know anything about me.”