Laura Ingraham has apparently run into a contract dispute with her syndicator and has been off the air for most of the last two weeks. It seems like a bad time for the Right to lose one of its strong and entertaining national voices. The Republicans and conservatives look like they’re in for a bad time already in Congressional races, and the effort to inform people about the presidential race and its issues needs to be in full gear now.

Laura will have a new show on Fox News Channel at 5 pm ET starting on Monday called “Just In”. According to this video message, she doesn’t plan on that being a replacement for her daily radio show, but it will at least give her a platform until the issues get resolved. Her site has more details, including the local stations on which she appears and the means to communicate your desire to get this dispute resolved and put her back on the air.

Let’s hope this gets resolved quickly. In 2008, we certainly need the full team on the playing field. (via Michelle)