Apparent Hillary Clinton supporter Universal at MyDD wants the Democrats to realize the predicament they face in November if Barack Obama wins the nomination. He thinks the Republicans will create unfair and devastating advertising that will appeal to fear, using 9/11 imagery to derail Obama. Universal wants to protect the Democrats from this fate — so he cranked out an ad to kneecap Obama first (via Instapundit):

If we choose Obama as our nominee, we are locked-in to this narrative. There is no going back, no bogus NBC polls to save the day. No Anderson Cooper softball interviews or phony charges of racism that will rescue us.

The opponent doesn’t care. All the thoughtfulness and restraint of a Democratic adversary will be gone.

It’s interesting to note that MyDD employed 9/11 footage that even the networks haven’t used for years — namely, the people jumping to their deaths in the minutes before the collapse. We finally get to see that again, and only in the context of one Democratic blogger attacking a Democratic candidate.

Of course, the fact that even George Bush didn’t use 9/11 footage in an attack ad against John Kerry doesn’t enter into Universal’s argument. Would John McCain be likely to do so? Not at all, and he’s not likely to use the Wright footage, either. He hasn’t even commented on the Wright Stuff, and his campaign suspended a member who Twittered one of the videos to his contacts.

The “GOP will use it” argument simply serves as a dodge for an attack on Obama over the Wright Stuff. Universal wants Obama out of the race, and has served up some fear mongering to suit that purpose.

Update: Universal wrote me a response, and I’m working to add him as a user so that he can comment on this post, but I do want to clarify one thing: Universal did not create the YouTube mashup.  He found it on the site but wanted to publicize it through MyDD.  Also, people should understand that MyDD is a diarist site, and Universal is one of the contributors; he does not “represent” MyDD.  It’s similar to DailyKos.