Good news but not great news, for reasons you’ll shortly see. Which way’s the trend moving? Gallup doesn’t offer historical data to compare and it’s hard to tell from other pollsters, whose surveys on this issue tend to stick to questions about whether gun laws should be made stricter or not. CNN did poll the “individual right vs. militia right” question a few months ago, though, and found 65 percent support at the time, 72 percent among men and 58 percent among women. The margin of error there, as in the Gallup poll, was three percent, so there may well be a trend in the right direction here spurred by worries that the Court’s going to grab America’s guns this summer.

The question is, how broad should that individual right be? Gallup:


The trend’s moving in the right direction there too, but there’s a long way to go to close that gap, which shows you how soft the support for the right is. Other pollsters show an even wider disparity. Pew polled the issue after the VTech shooting last year. Pretty stable:


ABC polled it too around the same time and found support for stricter gun laws at 61/36, four points higher than it was in May 2002. What does that mean in practical effect?


The upshot? You’re entitled to a revolver, although probably just one and preferably a small one. Happy shooting!