Note the question mark in the headline. After yesterday’s embarrassing fark-up I’m making no assertions, just hoping our techie readers might be able to confirm this for me somehow since Network Solutions (understandably) has had nothing to say about the matter. The facts as we know them: was up and running smoothly as of yesterday morning, then the righty blogosphere started complaining about NS registering domain names for terrorists while getting froggy with Wilders, then suddenly wasn’t online. Causation or coincidence? Report on Arrakis and the Jawas say it’s the former. I’m reserving judgment until one of you show me why it’s not the latter.

Note to Wilders: You have some friends in the Czech Republic willing to do you a favor. Given that they’re a small group and don’t specialize in all things Internet, I figure their servers will survive the onslaught of DOS attempts once the movie goes online for, oh, six or seven seconds or so.

Update: Given YouTube’s track record we don’t need to wonder about causation or coincidence with this one. So bad has YT’s reputation become for cowering before Islamic critics that, so far as I know, putting “Fitna” on there has never been seriously considered. They’d yank it within minutes. That’s why he needs his own site and hosting company in the first place.

Update: Looks like we have causation.