Too bad to check, but check it I did after someone sent me the link to this post. Can Network Solutions’ terms of use be so exquisitely nuanced that a Dutch MP’s critique of Islam qualifies as “objectionable material of any kind or nature” but a top terrorist group’s propaganda organ doesn’t? Behold:


Here’s the site. According to the English-language page, it’s official. Quoth Wilders, “How many ways are there left for me to be worked against? If necessary, I’ll go hand out DVDs personally on the [city square].”

Another curious catch by that same site in the first link: How come a Google search turns up no direct link to Wilders’s site? Enter “fitna the movie” or “” and you get no results for the film’s homepage. Any techies able to explain? I can’t believe Google would blacklist the site; is this just an artifact of Network Solutions suspending it?

And finally, a correction from Saturday. I thought this was the film’s UK website. Follow the link (or look up the domain info) and you’ll see that it clearly isn’t. Sorry for the error.

Update: One of our techies claims in the comments that Network Solutions isn’t hosting Hezbollah’s page, they merely registered the domain name for them. Can anyone confirm? Apologies for the mistake, if so.

Update: Seixon confirms that it’s hosted by a Syrian company. Note to self: Never write about Internet tech again.